Cabinet renovation

The old cabinet will be stripped down (all parts are out of the machine). The old decals will be removed.

Nicks, dimples, holes and other damages will be smoothened out. After the proper care the cabinet will be sanded and repainted.

When the surface is mirror smooth new (high quality) decals will be placed and perfectly cut.

The cabinet inside will be painted in gloss black (or an other color, if requested).

The ground wires will be renewed and extra modifications can be added on request (extra service plug, black light, or LED lightning).

Prices are starting from $850,- USD

We also offer brand new (WPC) cabinets of superior quality in 4 conditions:

– Wood cabinet (base, including back box)

– Painted cabinet (black laquer, sanded down with 1200 grid finish for decal)

– Painted and grounded cabinet (includes the wiring)

– Full cabinet (with applied decals and wiring)